Auch am Samstag für Sie geöffnet (10–14h) – Whirlpool-Showroom
Samstag geöffnet (10–14h) – Whirlpool-Showroom
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In.Stream Gecko

599,00 CHF

(599,00 CHF Stk)

inkl. MwSt. Lieferzeit ca. 1 – 3 Tage
Wireless Musik hören über Gecko In.Stream
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IN.STREAM 0704-100002
wireless music streamed into your yard
The audio system provides the perfect way to bring music to your spa. The is simple to install and compatible with many audio sources, such as iPods and smartphones equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Just pair your device and start playing your favorite music. Digital music files or internet radio from your phone will be sent wirelessly to the device.

Audio sources: Bluetooth streaming, Auxiliary input
Voltage: 12 V DC
Waterproof: yes
Compatible with: in.k175 (0707-005012), in.k113 (0707-008001)
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